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Choi Kwang Do is of Korean origin - many of its traditions and customs, as well as terminology, stem from Korea's own heritage. Characteristics such as bowing, promoting respect for seniors, loyalty, are all examples of traditional Korean philosophy. Another important historical influence on Choi Kwang Do's philosophy is the Idea of Musado, or "way of the warrior spirit". This philosophy, emphasizing bravery in battle and a never give up attitude, was based on the heroic deeds of an ancient Korean military group called the Hwarang Do (literally, flower of youth or manhood). This elite group, comparable to today's special forces, were known for their self-imposed extreme training, which included early forms of martial arts training, mountain climbing, and swimming rivers during the cold of winter. Through such demanding mental and physical training, the Hwarang Do warriors were able to unite the three warring kingdoms of Korea for the first time in its history. The Hwarang Do had a strict code of honor, which has evolved to this day to become the Principles of Choi Kwang Do:
General Terms: Pil Suhng School Motto: Certain Victory Dojang The School: House of Discipline Do Bok Uniform Hyung Pattern or Form Jung Sin Yuk Mental Strength (Martial Art Spirit) Ki Hap Loud yell to bring out mental and physical strength Sahjonim "Founder", Formal address for Grand Master Choi Sabumnim "Teacher", Formal address for all Instructors (1st - 3rd Degree) Boo Saboonim International Instructor/Deputy Master Gup Grade Dan Degree Choi Kwang-Do The Art of Grand Master Kwang Choi Tae Kwon-Do Korean Art of Kicking and Punching Karate Martial Art meaning literally "Empty Hand" Kung Fu Chinese Martial Art meaning "Skill"
Blocks: Ahrae Makki Low Block Anuro Makki Inward Block Bakuro Makki Outward Block Dung Palmok Anuro Makki Back Arm Inward Block Dwi Sonbadak Ulgool Makki Rear Hand Inward Block (Face Level) Dwi Sonbadak Momtong Makki Rear Hand Body Block Pi Ha Gi Dodge
Kicks: Ahp Bal Front Leg Dwi Bal Rear Leg Op Chagi Front Kick Yup Chagi Side Kick Hullya Chagi Swing Kick Bandae Hullya Chagi Reverse Swing Kick Dwi Kum Chi Op Chagi Heel Front Kick Naeryo Chagi Downward Kick Bandal Chagi Crescent Kick Bituro Chagi Twisting Kick Dolmya Yup Chagi Spinning Side Kick Dolmya Bandae Hullya Chagi Spinning Reverse Swing Kick Mikulmyu Chagi Sliding Kick Twimya Chagi Jumping Kick
Class Commands: Charriot Attention Kyung Yae Bow Chun Bi Ready Sejak Begin Baro (of Chun Bi) Back to Ready Goman Stop Shi Uh At Ease Dwiro Dora Turn Around Hai Sun Dismiss Bal Ba Kwa Switch Stance
Strikes, Punches & Thrust: Jirugi Punch Op Joomuk Jirugi Front (Fist) Punch Dwi Joomuk Jirugi Rear (Fist) Punch Dolya Jirugi Round Punch Sewo Dolya Jirugi Vertical Round Punch Olliyo Jirugi Upward Punch Chirugi Thrust Sonkut Chirugi Finger Thrust Chigi Strike Yup Joomuk Chigi Sidefist Strike Dung Joomuk Chigi Backfist Strike Sonkal Chigi Knifehand Strike Sonkal Dung Chigi Reverse Knifehand Strike Palkup Chigi Elbow Strike Mori Chigi Head Strike Morup Chigi Knee Strike Sonbadak Chigi Palm Heel Strike
Korean Counting: Hana One Dool Two Set Three Net Four Tasut Five Yasut Six Ilgop even Yodol Eight Ahop Nine Yol Ten Il 1st EE 2nd Sam 3rd Sa 4th Oh 5th
Instructor Titles: Boo Sahbumnim  Assistant Instructor Sahbumnim  Head Instructor Boo Sahboonim 4th Degree Instructor Sahboonim Master Instructor Tae Sahboonim Grandmaster Instructor
Korean Phrases: An Yeong Haseyo Hello An Yeong Hi Kä Sip Seyo Goodbye Gam Sahab Nida Thank you very much
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