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We understand how difficult getting back into a fitness routine can be. It can be even harder if your career demands travelling or your lifestyle doesn't allow you to work out during regular studio hours. Life's other commitments can leave you putting your martial arts journey on the back burner.

Our live video training can be the answer you have been searching for.

Join the classes from anywhere with an internet connection. No special equipment is needed. Do your class from a hotel room or in your living room. Whatever works for you.

Not able to make a class? Not a problem! You can rewatch recordings of older videos at any time.

Don't let life get in the way of your martial arts achievements!

Let us help you reach your fitness & self-defense goals, while gaining confidence and relieving stress!


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You may think that to learn martial arts you need to attend class, and if your lifestyle or circumstances don't allow this then you can't begin or continue your martial arts journey. 

At Cartersville Martial Art we understand that it's not always possible for you to come to us, so all of our classes are now available online.

Join us today and relieve stress, boost confidence and get fit - all in the comfort of your own home!

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Sometimes life can be physically and mentally tough. 

With Cartersville CKD's online curriculum you will gain not only confidence, but the physical and mental benefits that will equip you to deal with all life's challenges.

Self defense skills and a mental clarity you have never experinced before! 

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My daughter is in the Tiny Tiger Class. I love the principles and ethics they are helping instill in her even at 3 years old. She loves the class and her instructors. She even correlates the moral principles she learns in class at home. I love that the class is also laying a foundation of moves that will become strong self defense skills in her future. I am raising a Warrior and not a worrier with the help of CKD!

Rebekah Wilkey Beaver


They Are Awesome, they really helped my son Jaiden. He is a more respectful and self disciplined young man. It also helped him with his ADHD, the self control, self respect and to be respectful of others, the self discipline they teach, everything they teach. It gave my son confidence and he now has his Black Belt.  Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are awesome. We love them. My son was also able to stop taking his ADHD meds. He's doing great!

Donna Walraven