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This page is only so big, so we are only sharing a small amount of CKD features from around the world. See your instructor for more information on Choi Kwang Do’s many appearances in the local and international media including our founder as well as many other Choi Kwang Do academies and instructors around the world. You can also see much more at our YouTube page linked below!
TKD Times Combat     Martial Art Illustrated   (US) January 2017        (UK) March 2012     (UK) April 2008  
TaeKwonDo Times        TaeKwonDo Times               (UK) June 2000             (US) January 20007
TaeKwonDo Times   Tae Kwon Do Combat Martial Arts Plus     Combat (UK) September 1996    (AU) March 1996 (UK) 1996 1994     (UK) 1991
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