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Self Defense Basics

Posted: February 19, 2020

Self Defense Information:

Be Aware – Know your surroundings, know your escape paths and trust your gut. Pay attention to details including smells, sounds and sights when in a place you feel could be dangerous or there are people that are making you uncomfortable, no details are unimportant.

Be Prepared – Always have a plan and a back up plan! Know where you are going, how to get out, how to properly use anything you might keep for defense and who you can look to for help.

Be unscared – Potential violence is scary but we have to control and overcome that to insure the highest chance of success. This is not as easy as it sounds as it takes practice and stress testing to get there but the good news is anyone can do it!

Be on your way – Sometimes in our minds we forget the final goal of a self-defense situation, it is not to cause harm or punish the perpetrator, it is to get away with your life. When given the opportunity to safely flee never wait or pass it up, get on your way to safety or help!


  • Life is nothing like an action movie. Altercations do not last five minutes, they are over sometimes in seconds.
  • There are no rules to what you can or cannot do in real life, do what you must!
  • People can see and feel fear, FAKE IT AND ACT BRAVE, you do not want to show someone threatening a weakness.
  • Eye contact is king before a situation escalates but will hinder you after escalation to violence.
  • You usually cannot reason with someone who has already decided to commit a crime with you as the victim. You can try but always be prepared for them to continue with their choice.
  • Use your legs to keep a larger attacker too far away to effectively attack you.
  • Each strike or kick should be planned. Look for openings and know where you are trying to put every strike and never throw wild strikes, they leave you venerable to counter attack. 
  • NEVER let emotions drive you physically. You will make poor/sloppy choices and lessen your chances of defending yourself successfully.
  • DROP IT! If someone is trying to take something from you, that thing is less important than your life and wellbeing, as a famous movie character once said, “Let it Go!”
  • Trust your instincts! Always better to be over cautious than unprepared.



Information by Master Michael Wilson of Cartersville Martial Art. CMA has been active in the Cartersville community since 2004 working with pre-k, kids, teens, adults and seniors to promote health, safety, improved focus and stress relief among many other benefits.  Master Wilson and his wife Angie can be found at the Cartersville academy Monday through Saturday, come see their practical martial art and how it can help you be your best. You can also reach them at (678) 721-5166