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Self Defense Myths

Posted: June 17, 2019

There is a lot of information out there about protecting yourself, some are great tips, others are useless and some are downright dangerous! I wanted to discuss this today as I was watching a commercial of Dr. OZ where someone was showing the "keys" as a weapon for self defense tactic. 

The use of keys as a weapon by placing the key ring in your palm and the key tips out from between your fingers is very flawed. 

First think of the lagistics of being suddenly attacked and then you go into your purse or pocket to find your keys. Then you take those keys and put them into your palm, keep in mind most people key chains contain MANY keys for a person to fit their fist around. Now you need to arrange the keys so that there is one or two keys pertruding between each pair of fingers. See the lagistics with this plan? This will take you much time and effort to prepare for, if you have that much time why did you allow yourself to continue to be in that situation? Why did the attacker allow so much time for preperation? Never thought about it, well give it a go, put your keys in hand and arrange those keys into Wolverine's claws. Was it easy and quick? Now punch something hard like a bone covered in skin (A human) and see how it feels. 

Also there is the issue with what would happen when hitting a human target with your key tips sticking out and the ring in your closed palm, if you can even close your palm around them! The thin metal keys will impact the inside soft tissue of the hand. It is also likely that the key ring will cause the keys to pinch or teat your skin. Then there is the question of if the key tips will penetrate or cause enough (or any damage) to the attacker that would cause them to abandon their plan or flee. There would be much less impact force usisng this method over a closed fist. 

The same applies to other object made to give ladies a false sence of security like the "Bad Kitty" style key rings that are generating tons of income for those who make and sell them. I would suggest never depending on any objects for your personal safety as there is the issue of forgetting to keep them on you, the issue of them being taken and used against you and the issue of them not working as suggested or advertised. Your body is always with you, always ready and cannot be taken or used against you! Find a great program in your area and get involved, just remember that it takes constant practivce to develope the muscle memory you will need to be able to react in a dengerous situation. A great program will also teach special awareness where you are aware of your surroundings, the potential dangers in that area as well as the "way out" in case of emergency. The best way to handle a self defense situation is to activly avoid them after all!

There is no evidense that any keys/keyring or plastic finger devices have any possitive effect on saving anyone in self defense situation and on top of that these situations most often come without warning there is seldom time to prepare for such situations with anything other than the body parts God gave you! It is always in your best interest to invest in yourself than objects when it comes to self defense and personal safety.

Be careful what books, advice, YouTube video and product salemen tell you as they are not all created equal! Also do not be afraid to test out anything you learn in a safe manner as that will often tell you right away if you have been feed a myth or found great life saving information.

At Cartersville Martial Art we also do regular classes for ladies to learn the basics of self defense. The information shared is very helpful and well tested and most really enjoy the classes. Just keep in mind you can learn a lot in one class but muscle memory takes time and practice.


Master Michael Wilson

5th Degree Black Belt/Certified Instructor/Examiner 

Cartersville Martial Art