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Master instructors from around the world meet in Cartersville

Master instructors from around the world meet in Cartersville for special training.

Posted: February 04, 2020

Saturday, September 14th, 2013 Over the weekend, Cartersville saw the largest collection of master level martial art instructors to ever assemble in the city. Cartersville Martial Art was host to a special International Instructor workshop and certification. Students participating ranged from Yellow belt to 8th Degree black belt and from ages 13 to 71 years young. Many instructors present were visiting from other countries including Gabon, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Moldova and Russia. Instructors also came from all over Georgia for the special training conducted by 8th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Marshall Pereira. This special event location was picked to help celebrate Cartersville Martial Art academies 10 year anniversary in our community. Students trained, worked up a sweat, improved their movements but more importantly talked about how their training has helped in all the communities the instructors are active in. Those who were there to become instructors learned how martial arts can help others with many aspects of their lives like focus, self defense, character development, fitness and health. They also learned how the classes help students overcome things like ADD, stress and many of the afflictions people associate with aging. 

Published in the Cartersville Patch 2013