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Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes? Check This Out!

Posted: October 29, 2018

Diabetes is a serious global problem in the modern world! In the United Kingdom statistics in 2004 revealed that 1.8 million people have been diagnosed and are suffering from Diabetes, and a further 1 million individuals have not been diagnosed as yet, but have the disease. In the USA Diabetes is the no.1 cause of death, because so many people are suffering from this Disease. There is an estimated 16 million people with Diabetes in the USA, with another estimated further 8-16 million people suffering who have not been diagnosed. So possibly 32 million individuals are suffering from this Disease in the USA alone.

Psychologically being diagnosed with Diabetes can have crippling effects if the individual lacks an understanding of the disease and is therefore vulnerable to other people’s projections and advice on the issue. Taking a pill from your Dr. is not a responsible choice, I will explain why.

At a cellular level scientists are now confirming that all disease today is an expression of the gene. The majority of scientists believe that all disease is a response from our genes and is a ‘poor lifestyle habit’. All adult disease is beginning to be labeled as a ‘bad lifestyle habit’.

Are you or your child a victim of Bullies?

Posted: October 10, 2018

Have you or your child been dealing with bullies? Would you like to know how to do something to stop it? Click the continue link to see the short video. 

18 Trick or Treating Safety Tips Everyone In Cartersville Should Know.

Posted: October 08, 2018

We all know trick or treating is super fun! You get to dress up, hang out with freinds, act silly and lets not ignore the biggest perk, THE FREE CANDY! Halloween is also a time when things can go all wrong as dangers are all around at this time. Parents you already have a lot to worry about but I am sure abduction, poisoning, animal attack, injury or a lost little one is not what you want to add to your already full plate! So we are going to go over 18 great tips for keeping this holiday safe for your family and loved ones! Many of these you likely already have heard but if you find even one tip helpful please share this with other parents!

Ok here we go....

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