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Cartersville Martial Art & Self Defense

The future of CKD Martial Art & Self Defense of Cartersville

Posted: May 07, 2019

Good morning everyone! Our change from being a part of Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International to Universal Martial Art is in full swing now. You may have noticed a few changes as part of that process. Universal Martial Art is made of former Choi Kwang Do schools with decades of experience as instructors and martial artist. We have all come together and formed UMA as a support network for the well being and growth of our art and academies.

We had our first event this past weekend, an instructor training and certification. There were over six academies present and we had to use two separate rooms to accommodate all participants. The energy was super high and everyone was excited and happy. A portion of our training was lead by the autistic boy that Harry Blazer failed at black belt testing due to him not being able to meet his physical requirements which actually inspired Mr. Blazer to seperate those with challenges with a black belt containing green lettering instead of gold. This young man did an amazing job leading that part of our training session and showing us all that inclusion is not only the right way but the best way!

All members of UMA have been working overtime to get everything ready and we are prepared for a fantastic black belt testing in June and a great future continuing on with Grandmaster Choi's art as it was before Mr. Blazer made all the changes to the curriculum, bowing and removing "Pil Seung". You will see we have a logo, a webpage for our affiliate group (, a facebook page (, UMA uniforms, UMA black belts, t-shirts, official documents and much more in the works. Most of this was done in less than one weeks time due to the dedication and hard work of all the instructors that are a part of the UMA affiliation.

We are more excited than we have been in a long time about the future! All of us at UMA are driven and motivated and we hope everyone else catches the same motivstion we share.

Thank you all for being a part of our business, our community, our martial art and OUR FAMILY! We truly appreciate you all and are glad to have your support.

This is a great time for the preservation of Choi Kwang Do as well as the betterment of all the affiliated UMA academies.

Pil Seung,

Master Michael Wilson