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Training through Covid-19 in Cartersville

Posted: May 07, 2020

So what are we doing at Cartersville Martial Art to keep you safe after opening back up?

We do not like everyone being scared, we teach students to stand strong and be confident but we also do not want to risk anyone's health! Everyday here at CMA we are disinfecting and cleaning to keep everything germ free. We are using bleach to disinfect the training floor regularly, this insures no bacteria, germs or viruses can live on our flooring. We have little contact with our floor other than our feet but again we want to take every precaution for everyones safety.

We will be using a temperal scanner to scan all our guest and students to insure no one has an elevated tempreture. 

We use Norwex cloths to wope down all surfaces, door handles, iPads and bathrooms to remove and kill germs and bacteria. Norwex is proven to be a very effective way to clean and kill germs/viruses without the need for any chemicals. 

We have two air scrubbing machines working to remove all particulates down to 3 microns. These scrubbers also have an internal UV steralizing light, these lights kill bacteria, germs and viruses and prevent them from replicating. The air these devices emit is clean, fresh and germ free to insure any airborn illnesses will be removed.

We are social distancing during classes! All students are 6 feet or more apart in all classes. All partner drills are temperaraly discontinued for the time being, to insure we are using social distancing. All equipment used in classes are cleaned and disinfected after use and before they are used again. Hand shaking and close proximity bowing will also be discontinued until further notice. 

We are limiting our viewing area to no more than 5 guest or four family pairs at a time. We have our chairs seperated to insure that the sitting area is also observing social distancing. All gueast are also required to disinfect their hands as they enter the facility as well as when they leave. We have many sanitizer stations set up all around the facilty for everyones convenience. 

We will continue virtual classes online for those who are unable to come in, afraid to come in or just do not want to take any risk. We will be mixing the virtual and regular classes to acomidate everyone safely. 

We love you all and want to make sure we are doing all we can to promote the best environment for your training as well as your safety. 


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