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The price of bullying and how martial arts changes everything!

Posted: June 12, 2019

Helping a child to become a black belt is the #1 thing you can do to stop them from being bullied. Becoming a black belt reduces the risk of a child being bullied by 67%, more than any other form of bullying prevention program out there today!

27% of all kids who come to a martial art school are bullied and the parents are only aware of this 4% of the time!

The long term effects of being bullied are similar to the effects of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual harassment. Wow, this is some interesting data for a severe issue effecting 1 in 3 kids today.

Bullying involves an imbalance of power and due to this normal conflict difusion methods do not work and can often escalate the issue. Standing your ground or fighting responces always fail also due to the imbalance of power already in play due to the size, repiutaion or the support the bully may have.

Who bullies? It's not just people with social issues, your child is most likely to be bullied by children who are popular and at the top of the social hiarchy. 

Why do people bully? People often bully to escalate their own popularity. Studies have shown that when you pick on someone in a way that is entertaining to others it will elevate your social status and likability. 

It is important to know as much as we can to help not only those being bullied but also those who are bullying others. Be aware of the way your child interacts with others and listen to their concerns. If you think your child may be suffering bullying please let us know as we love to help impower people of all ages and help them acomplish their full potential in life. 

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