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Trick or treat safe in Cartersville

18 Trick or Treating Safety Tips Everyone In Cartersville Should Know.

Posted: October 08, 2018

We all know trick or treating is super fun! You get to dress up, hang out with freinds, act silly and lets not ignore the biggest perk, THE FREE CANDY! Halloween is also a time when things can go all wrong as dangers are all around at this time. Parents you already have a lot to worry about but I am sure abduction, poisoning, animal attack, injury or a lost little one is not what you want to add to your already full plate! So we are going to go over 18 great tips for keeping this holiday safe for your family and loved ones! Many of these you likely already have heard but if you find even one tip helpful please share this with other parents!

Ok here we go....

  1. Carry a flashlight
  2. Stay in groups of 3 or more
  3. Never enter an unfamiliar home
  4. Walk, don't run
  5. Stay on sidewalks
  6. Obey traffic signals
  7. Stay in familiar areas and neighborhoods
  8. Don't take shortcuts, not even across yards or driveways
  9. Wear a watch you can read in the dark
  10. Make sure your costume does not drag the ground
  11. Make sure your shoes fit snugly, even if they do not go with your costume
  12. Don't wear your mask while traveling from house to house
  13. Make sure any weapon or props are flexable and will not harm you if you were to fall on them
  14. Walk on the left side of the road facing traffic in case there is no sidewalk
  15. Wear reflective marking or tape so cars drivers can see you
  16. Only go to houses that are lit and avoid any houses that are dark
  17. Avoid pets and animals as you likely look and smell strange even to animals who you are familiar with
  18. Do not eat any candy until your parents have inspected it and dispose of candy with no wrappers or wrappers that appear tampered with

Thats it for our list of safety rules. We hope this can help parents keep the children safe and we also encourage going over these tips with your children and explain the dangers they may face without them. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.


Be blessed,

CKD Martial Art & Self Defense of Cartersville