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CKD Martial Art & Self Defense
Learn how our martial art program is so much more than the ordinary “karate” or “fighting” school! Kids love our exciting classes and their parents love the discipline, self control and manners the kids pick up along the way. Instead of focusing on sport competition, we focus on self defense and personal development!
Parents: Discover how your child can pick up true, wholesome values from learning to block, kick, and punch. Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy, and spirit. Stand and be dazzled as your child becomes unstoppable with GREATER ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT, UNSHAKEABLE SELF-RESPECT AND INCREASED STRENGTH AND FITNESS IN BOTH BODY AND MIND. Yes, all of this comes from learning to block, kick, and punch.
"The instructors at Choi Kwang Do have contributed significantly to my son's self confidence and self-discipline he displays in his daily activities."  Charles Spence, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

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© CKD Martial Art, All Rights Reserved (678) 721-5166
CKD Martial Art
Mental & Physical: Get in shape, feel great, get rid of stress, increase focus and concentration, learn life saving self defense techniques and improve your cognitive memory all in a safe, family environment at Choi Kwang Do! Call today to see how you can take advantage of all these benefits and possibly become a Black Belt one day! Resist Peer Pressure and Drugs: Youth ages 12 to 18 are often the targets of many types of negative peer pressure along with the regular pains of growing into an adult both mentally and physically. Our youth program gives them not only a positive outlet for stress, anger and frustration but also provides them with great role models to follow! In a time where gangs, crime, drugs and laziness try to take hold of the youth we are battling to keep them on the right track through being part of something larger than themselves, something positive and something that will aid them all through their lives. Opportunity to achieve more: Our youth programs also offer the opportunity to become a leader in their community and help others grow as they have. The Future: We have seen over our years of experience that being able to put on a resume that you are a “Black Belt” can make you stand out from the crowd on school or job applications! When someone reads that you are a Black Belt on your application or resume they automatically know you are disciplined, dedicated, hard working, goal oriented and very able to learn and grow.
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